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Norman SandBox®

 Norman SandBox®



Norman’s innovative SandBox® technology detects and isolates existing and zero day threats before they infect your system. 

As cyber attacks on businesses become more sophisticated, prevalent and damaging, traditional signature-based security is no longer effective in protecting against these new and emerging threats. Today’s cybercriminals continually change strategies and create new variants of malicious software to find innovative ways to exploit vulnerabilities in business networks. While hackers were once concerned with inflicting random damage, experienced cyber thieves now create these emerging forms of malware for financial gain. They use devices, such as iPods, USB devices, smart phones and Bluetooth devices, to spread malware across multiple endpoints.

Malware attacks not only threaten  organizational data and infrastructure, they can also be extremely costly for organizations. In addition to direct costs, including remediation, removal of hardware, lost productivity and lost revenue, malware attacks also carry significant indirect costs. For example, some malware variants are capable of locating passwords in a system and using those passwords to gain access to customer files. Customer data breaches often result in credit card theft, significant fines and loss of customers and reputation.

To protect themselves from these threats, businesses need advanced security that blocks existing and new malware. It must also act in real-time to keep up with rapidly evolving threats without slowing down critical business processes. Norman SandBox® technology offers a powerful, automated solution that identifies and stops new and undiscovered malicious code before it can damage computer networks or compromise confidential business data.